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Museum Mission Statement

The Kansas Museum of Military History, formerly Augusta Air Museum, is dedicated to the acquisition, restoration and display of aviation and military history

Museum Board of Directors
Steve Cannaby
Dave Brubaker
Robert Wilson
John Bierens
Larry Hardesy

Deb Brehm, Secretary
Brad Wise, Treasurer

About Our Museum

The Air Museum began in March 1990 as Detachment 1 of the Combat Air Museum which is located in Topeka, Kansas. The Air Museum began with 15 CAM members, 1 display case and a small office at the Augusta Municipal Airport.
The Air Museum moved to an empty industrial building at 1304 Money Street in 1991. We held our first Open House in August of 1992.
The Air Museum was incorporated by the State of Kansas in May of 1992 and received it’s Federal Recognition by the Internal Revenue Service as a scientific and educational museum that fall. The Augusta Air Museum separated from the parent museum in Topeka.
The Air Museum was given it’s present facility by the Williams Pipeline Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 17, 1993.
The Air Museum Building is 90 feet wide, 180 feet long and 30 feet high. It contains 16,500 square feet of display area. The building sets on 1.7 acres of land is surrounded by an 8 foot fence.
The Air Museum held it’s Second Open House on May 12, 1994 with over 350 civilian and military people attending.
The Air Museum survived the big Flood of 1998 when there was 5 feet of water on the main floor. We lost half our library and 20% of our artifacts.
Our major task is to repair the roof on the building. One-fourth of our floor space can not be used due to possible water damage.
In 2007, the museum changes it’s name to Kansas Museum of Military History.
The Kansas Museum of Military History is funded by Your donations and membership dues!!!!

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